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Fellow Citizens of Greenville,

I'm running for Mayor of Greenville, to continue making Greenville a City of Excellence. In the coming term, I want to work with a cooperative majority on Council to build on the progress we're making and give particular attention to smooth and safe traffic patterns and other initiatives to move our city forward. Please join me in these efforts.

THROUGH HARD TIMES. Since joining the Council in 2007, I've helped navigate our city through the very challenging economic recession that started in 2008, pushed for transparency and excellent constituent communication, and encouraged smart new development projects, which are helping make Greenville a residential, recreational, retirement, commercial, cultural, and tourist center of eastern North Carolina.

GROWTH AND PROGRESS. We've grown and made progress for many years. I want to support growth that brings jobs and quality of life. Here are just some of the successful projects I've worked on--with other partners--since 2007:

  • Small Business Grants, an award-winning job creator and small-business start-up program since 2008
  • 2009 groundbreaking for relocation of the train switch station, now positively impacting traffic and commerce
  • First Street Place, a $14 million dollar Center City residential complex, completed in 2009
  • Nathaniel Village, a 2010 award-winning $5.5 million dollar Center City residential complex
  • The Province, a $30-40 million dollar project, completed in 2011 and replacing King's Arms Apartments on Charles Blvd., which had become a crime haven and code enforcement nightmare
  • Drew Steele Center, funded in large part with private donations and state grants, completed in 2012
  • Boundary, a 2015 $42 million dollar project, almost a decade in the making
  • 10th Street Connector, a cooperative transportation project uniting the hospital, university, and Uptown that will be a boon for economic development and Uptown revitalization
ECONOMIC VITALITY AND QUALITY OF LIFE. Exciting new projects, some of which await announcement, are in the works. With your help, and a reasonable majority on the Council, we can continue working for smart projects that bring economic vitality, enhance quality of life, and promote smooth and safe traffic patterns.

A WELL-RUN CITY HALL. There's still work to do, but in the past few years I've worked with cooperative council members to somewhat reverse the negative trend where numerous high-level, key City personnel resigned at great cost in dollars, institutional memory, and continuity of service. I'll continue pressing hard to maintain professional practices and structures that attract and maintain top talent.

YOU WON'T HAVE TO GUESS. My regular newsletter, available upon request and emailed to Greenville citizens, shows that I'll keep you informed about your city government and explain my positions on important issues. You'll know why I vote as I do.

I'M HERE TO STAY. Born and raised in eastern NC, I've lived and worked in Greenville for decades. I plan to continue living and working--and eventually retire--here and I understand the issues and challenges of people and municipalities in our part of the state. I'm committed to this city and will run a vigorous campaign.

Thanks so much for your vote and support.

Calvin Mercer, At-Large Councilmember
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